Women in leadership development experts

Rapid-Insights Development is a new boutique coaching consultancy specialising in female leadership development. 


Having operated as senior leaders in business, we have years of both ‘practitioner’ and ‘leadership development/coaching’ experience and therefore are able to blend coaching, mentoring and theoretical input with real life examples, skills, knowledge and experience. 


In 2018 there were still less than 10% of women in FTSE 100 board/executive positions* and we want to help more women build their confidence and skills to progress their careers to senior leadership roles.


As a new business we are very pleased with our progress so far, and last year had fantastic results from our very first bespoke Women in Leadership programme with TransUnion in the UK.  The feedback from the cohort attested to the impact they felt it had; both personally and professionally, with new skills and increased confidence helping them to progress their careers and in some cases gain promotion.


We offer a wide range of leadership and talent development interventions and ensure they are tailored to meet the personal needs of the individuals and/or groups we work with.  Based on recent experience and feedback we are now introducing ‘leadership retreats’ to give individuals the opportunity to share their leadership challenges and experiences in a safe, informal environment; enabling attendees to participate in group coaching and discussions with like-minded women. 


*Cranfield, The Female FTSE Board Report 2018

We want to help you address the following questions:-


  • Can you really demonstrate year on year talent development and progression?

  • How many internal hires have you made into critical and senior leadership role?

  • How successful are your internal promotions from manager to leadership roles?

  • How do you currently validate and measure your talent?

  • Do you have a gender imbalance in your functional senior leadership & executive teams?

  • How do you know if the processes you have established is really mitigating critical people risks?

  • Budgets and resource are precious commodities.  Are you truly investing in the right people to deliver great business performance, minimise risk and enhancing business potential?

We can help you address these issues and challenges by providing bespoke support in the following areas:


Women in Leadership Development Programmes 

Leadership Retreats 

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership & Talent Development Consultancy