Passionate About Growing
Female Leadership Talent

I work with senior leaders in businesses to develop and grow their  leadership talent (and in particular female leadership talent) ensuring readiness for senior positions (succession planning) and ultimately ensuring long-term sustainability for the business.  The benefit of 'growing your own' talent is predominantly aimed at retention of your best performers, pre-existing cultural alignment and deep business understanding and ultimately financial


Having worked in many large  FTSE 100, corporate organisations and seen how often the focus on talent development is on the system rather than the outputs, it was important to ensure Rapid-Insights Development specifically focused on helping businesses deal with the validation, readiness and development of their future/current leaders and in particular female leadership potential, otherwise 'what is the point?' 


I want businesses to be able to report to their Group Boards on how their succession talent pipelines are truly progressing and how 'sponsored' individuals (particularly female) are developing, this generates a real enthusiasm and energy into the process and executives can actually see it working!  


I draw my experience from many years (too many to mention) of working with talent, succession and leadership development and operating as a female senior leader in many private and public businesses.   I have had many 'aha' moments over the years, learning when things haven't' worked  so well and found better ways for supporting and developing talent which has led to the approaches I now recommend and passionate about.  Simplicity and sustainability is absolutely key to the interventions and solutions aiding leadership talent development and growth, focusing on the individuals, their development needs and aligning to business succession gaps.

A recent opportunity to focus in on developing a women in leadership  programme for a specific talent pool was a real highlight for me and my business.  The progress of these women has been so outstanding and rewarding it has now led to a new shift in my offerings.  I would class myself as a successful senior leader after many years of 'earning my porridge' and struggling to make an impact in the board room in my earlier career but it felt like a painful process and journey at times.   If I can now share my experiences and help future female leaders gain the confidence, skills and tools to better equip them, perhaps they will progress their careers quicker and have a desire to go for more senior roles in the future. 

"Bev has been fantastic thoughout the whole Women in Leadership Programme both in the coaching sessions and our group sessions.  I have genuinely felt we have been coached by a practitioner rather than a theorist and Bev managed to instil behavioural changes which have made a big difference in my day to day approach.  This has been a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet and what Bev has done for us is instil a change in the way we think about and approach our roles rather than just given us tools we can use when we remember.  This is key to on going improvements and is why it is so important to get a practitioner expert and coach rather than a general trainer running the programme.  Thank you.

Sally Nicholson, TransUnion - UK