leadership coaching & mentoring

As part of the development of your leaders, we offer one to one and team coaching for emerging business leaders and current leaders who have identified some specific development areas for either their current role and/or for progression to other senior roles.  The beauty of coach/mentoring is it's a confidential experience and really helps to address specific issues or challenges facing the individual rather than broader development programmes.    Coaching and Mentoring is aimed at enhancing both the individual's and organisation's performance, leading to better business outcomes, relationships and enhancing overall capability.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

  • Specifically targets and addresses individual development needs - its the individual's agenda

  • Confidential so gives leaders the ability to share, discuss and resolve their development areas without any judgement

  • It's a journey of development enabling experimentation, application, adaption and reflection to really apply learning

  • Sessions can be scheduled around busy diaries and can be carried out over the telephone or skype if needed

  • Coaching can be 'real time' meaning the coach can come and observe the leader in practice and give honest feedback to address specific needs

  • Changes can be immediately applied helping the leader and the business's performance even after the first session

Our approach:


  • Chemistry is really important when establishing a coaching relationship so we would always ensure an informal discussion, 'over a cup of coffee' takes place between the coach and the coachee before any formal coaching contracting takes place

  • If the coachee is happy to progress, a more formal discussion would take place with the business sponsor (typically line manager and or Human Resource Director) and coach to understand what outcomes are to be achieved through the coaching investment

  • A series of 121 coaching sessions are then established based on the coachee's diary and typically take place once per month for a 6-9 month period

  • If any diagnostics are required such as 360-degree feedback or Myers Briggs these would typically take place at the beginning of the coaching journey

  • a formal review session would also take place at the end of the coaching period with the business sponsor and coachee to determine what progress has been made; along with a formal impact assessment which helps to demonstrate the return on investment and value to the business and the individual

If you any identified any current of future leaders who would benefit from leadership coaching please contact us for an initial free consultation to discuss your requirements.

“Bev, you have been a fantastic coach throughout the whole programme both in the 1-2-1 sessions and in our group sessions.  I have genuinely felt we have been coached by a practitioner rather than a theorist and you have managed to instil behavioural changes which have made a big difference in my day to day approach.  Thank you!”   

Sally Nicholson, TransUnion

75% of the women Rapid-Insights coached during 2018 have been promoted!