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Women in Leadership Reflection and Presentation Preparation for TransUnion (UK)

We held the last formal workshop for TransUnion last week before the sponsors presentation in December #reflection #preparation. It was a great day at Chevin Lodge, Otley and really enabled the co-hort to spend time reflecting on the last 9 months of their personal development journeys in preparation to share all of their learning with the senior leaders within TransUnion, their managers and their business mentors.

This will be a momentous occasion as it will enable the business sponsors to understand the benefits the programme has brought to the individuals and their readiness to undertake new roles as progressing leaders. We were a bit mean with the co-hort in the morning by asking them to 'think on their feet' #personalstretch and give an impromptu 5 min presentation on their top 5 personal 'aha' moments from the programme. This was in readiness for the afternoon which was all about presenting and preparing their group presentation and shaping their thinking for their personal presentation. The learning outcomes from these ladies absolutely blew us away and we could not have been prouder and more honoured to have helped them throughout this journey. We look forward to sharing news regarding the sponsor presentation in December and also hope to give an update on our progress of getting the Women in Leadership Programme approved by the ILM/City&Guilds #approved #womeninleadership

Sally 'thinking on her feet' giving an amazing presentation reflecting her learning journey on the Women in Leadership Programme

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