Women in leadership development programmes

Bespoke development programmes focusing on helping women develop their leadership skills.  We specialise in helping women who are transitioning into leadership roles and or already in a leadership role but progressing into senior leadership such as director or executive positions.  We use a blended learning approach to ensure the learner has the opportunity to not only develop their personal skills but also build stronger relationship with key stakeholders and sponsors within their business.

Leadership retreats

This is a new offering by Rapid-Insights Development and provides the opportunity for either internal leadership retreats for businesses who already have leadership talent pools established and want to provide them with some additional development and insights or companies can offer places to individuals who have been identified as talent and would benefit from attending an open retreat.  These are one day events at a stunning, private venue located in East Yorkshire and can be tailored to suit all needs.   

Leadership coaching & mentoring

Leadership & Talent Development Consultancy

We offer a wide range of leadership and talent development consultancy support including the design and implementation of talent management frameworks, competency models, facilitation of talent development review boards, talent validation and assessment and establishment of talent pipelines and succession plans.

As part of the development of your leaders, we offer one to one and team coaching for emerging business leaders and current leaders who have identified some specific development areas for either their current role and/or for progression to other senior roles.  The beauty of coach/mentoring is it's a confidential experience and really helps to address specific issues or challenges facing the individual rather than broader development programmes.