Women in leadership development programmes

We design and deliver bespoke women in leadership development programmes tailored to suit your specific business needs.  The approach always utilises the 70:20:10 model whereby the individual takes the input from a series of masterclasses (10%) and their personal coaching (20%) and applies it through experimentation, practical application and then personal reflection (70%).


From 6 April 2017 employers in the UK with more than 250 staff are required by law to publish the gender pay and bonus gaps and the proportion of men and women receiving bonuses and quartiles of the business’s pay structure as a way of monitoring the Equal Pay legislation.

This change in legislation has highlighted to many organisations a significant gender imbalance in senior leadership roles.

In order to support businesses to proactively manage these imbalances we have designed a Women in Leadership programme that can be aligned to specific organisational requirements. It is important to say that this is not a women’s lib forum, it is a serious development programme that focuses on tangible outcomes for both the individuals and the business.

What are the benefits to your organisation?


  • Provides a long-term pipeline of female senior leadership talent

  • Helps to address gender imbalances within senior executive/board level roles

  • Can be targeted to support under-represented professions such as IT, Engineering, Sales to name a few

  • Provides you with a strategy for addressing gender imbalance to support equal pay reporting and corporate responsibility

  • Investing in female leadership development will help with attracting and retaining talent

  • Ultimately leads to enhanced business performance and results


What are the benefits to your female leadership potential?


  • Emerging female talent will feel supported in their career development leading to enhanced performance and retention

  • Builds confidence and credibility whilst maximising authenticity

  • Opportunity to enhance skills, knowledge and behaviours to thrive in gender imbalanced organisations

  • Provides an opportunity for women to adapt behaviours, gain tools and techniques that they can practise and test in a safe environment and then experiment with and embed them in the work place


A typical Women in Leadership development programme is shown below:-


Programme Overview


Target Audience:

This programme is aimed at senior female managers/leaders who have been identified as having the potential to progress to Head Of or Director roles within the business or a recently promoted Head Of.


The co-hort size should be between 8 to 12 participants and the programme is 9 months in duration.



  • To help the high potential female talent transition from management to leadership

  • Building personal resilience and confidence

  • Establishing a personal leadership brand and approach that enables them to deliver results in a typically male dominated environment

  • Identifying and establishing personal strategies and plans for thriving and excelling in a leadership capacity

  • Raise the profile and capability of female talent, particularly in male dominated areas

  • To help proactively address the gender imbalance in senior leadership positions and supports gender pay gap strategies

  • Provides retention of emerging female talent through development, recognition and progression



The programme is designed to address specific challenges facing female talent within corporate businesses.  The programme’s design also addresses specific development needs identified for the co-hort at the beginning of the programme.  This approach enables us to target and prioritise the development for the group, making it more specific, meaningful and outcome focused.  The content is designed to give participants practical tools, ideas and approaches to grow their personal capability and enable them to thrive and grow in their careers with confidence.


Programme Participants:

Should typically be identified through a businesses’ talent review process and in the emerging talent space with the potential to progress to senior leadership roles.  Once a potential participant has been identified we would ask that they are engaged with their immediate manager and human resources to determine if they are interested in participating in the programme.  This is a vital part of the programme initiation as the individual must be fully committed to their personal and future career development.


A development needs analysis is completed with the participant and their manager resulting in a personal development plan and this is supported by feedback via a 360 questionnaire.


Programme Overview:

The programme is a blend of interventions specifically aimed at enabling the individual to apply their personal and co-hort learning through experimentation and practice.  This application also enables the participant to share their learning with peers, personal coach and business mentor in a safe environment.  The programme consists of the following:


Programme Launch Event – 1 day​

Getting ready for learning – expectations, responsibilities and action planning


Personal Coaching

Each participant will receive 4 formal one to one coaching sessions with an executive coach. ​


Business Mentoring

Each participant will identify a business mentor who they respect, trust and can provide challenge and stretch to their personal thinking​

If the business does not have a formal mentoring process in place, we can support the identification of mentors and provide skills development if required (this is an additional cost)



Each programme will have 4 half-day masterclasses tailored specifically to the co-horts development needs based on the 360-degree feedback outputs

Each masterclass is aimed to provide participants with ideas, concepts and tools that they can decide to adopt, practice and experiment with during their programme and beyond

The masterclasses are pitched at leadership level to provide both theoretical and practical stretch to participants

We also include a 1 day workshop using Jennifer Holloway who is a Personal Brand specialist along with a copy of her book


Action Learning Group

The participants own and manage the action learning process to take responsibility for their on-going development

The aim of action learning is to have a session 4 weeks post each masterclass with the specific intention of reviewing and sharing how they have applied some of the ideas, concepts and tools into practice therefore learning from each other, embedding and reinforcing learning


 Programme Reflection Presentation

A personal learning reflection and presentation development day is held at the beginning of the ninth month to help participants review and reflect on the programme to consolidate their learning.  These insights are then used to prepare a formal presentation to the programme sponsors, managers and mentors at the end of the ninth month. ​

Programme Commitment

  • 4 x 121 coaching sessions (typically 1.5 hours each)

  • 4 masterclasses

  • 1 day personal brand workshop

  • 1 day programme launch and 1 day presentation & reflection workshop

  • 6-9 mentoring sessions (typically 1.5 hours each)

  • 6-9 action learning group sessions (typically 2 hours each)

This type of programme costs as little as £3999.00 per person.

As a new business we are very pleased with our progress so far, and last year had fantastic results from our very first bespoke Women in Leadership programme with TransUnion in the UK.  The feedback from the cohort attested to the impact they felt it had; both personally and professionally, with new skills and increased confidence helping them to progress their careers and in some cases gain promotion.

"The programme has been a remarkable journey for me personally.  I'm in a totally different place to where I was last year.  I'm in an exciting new role and I've recently started an MBA which TransUnion as supported.  The Women in leadership programme has been a transformational experience"  Laura Thistlewaite, Head Of Marketing, TransUnion - UK